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Ichabod Ink is the only website dedicated to veterinary kids and teens. Through our web community, members go behind the scenes in veterinary hospitals, meet veterinarians, play veterinary games, get answers to questions from veterinarians and explore the science of animals. 





Most every veterinary hospital has a clinic cat or dog. Ichabod is the clinic dog for the Ichabod Ink web community.  Like a good clinic dog, he is here to greet you and show you around.  Learn more about the real Ichabod and how Ichabod Ink got its name.




Helping Dogs See Again


What could be more fulfilling than to be a veterinarian and help dogs see again?   A cataract is a cloudiness in the lens of a dog’s eye and when this spot develops it can keep a pet from seeing.  In this video, a veterinary ophthalmologist performs microsurgery on a dog’s eye to give him the gift of vision once again.

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Become a Veterinarian:  Foster Animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society


Humane societies seek foster care for animals that aren’t quite ready to go up for adoption. So shelters like the Jacksonville Humane Society look for volunteers to care for these animals until they are ready to be adopted into their “forever” home.

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AVC Vet Camp Earns Top Honors and Student Accolades


There are dozens of vet camps across the country, varying widely in scope, length, and age group. The AVC Veterinary Camp is one of the most reputable programs available. Held at the Atlantic Veterinary College University in Prince Edward Island, Canada, it’s one of only a handful of elite, award-winning camps in North America.

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Connecticut Girl Works on Farm and Volunteers with Veterinarian


Katelyn Williams is a smart 12-year old, in seventh grade, who has worked with animals since she was 7. At her young age, she has already operated on a cow with a veterinarian, and says she wants to be a veterinarian because she likes saving animals’ lives.

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An Introduction to the Small Animal Veterinary Practitioner


If this practice environment sounds calm and organized, it isn’t always. The excitement of practicing small animal veterinary medicine comes from the spontaneous situations that arise. In a busy practice, you will have the occasional emergency case, concerned clients calling in to check on their hospitalized pet, surgical patients needing to be discharged, IV tubes coming out, monitoring and treating of hospitalized pets, etc., etc., etc. 

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Have fun while learning what it means to be a veteranarian! Check out these veterinary games!


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  • Anatomy Game

    Understand the ins and outs of different animals through this engaging game.