Who is Ichabod?

Every animal lover has that one special pet that they will never forget – a pet that forever holds a special place in their heart.  Mine is a Newfoundlland dog that was offered to me by a breeder because he had crooked teeth and nobody else wanted him.  I took that 8-week-old bundle of fur into my home and he soon became a fixture in both my home and veterinary clinic.

I was practicing as the base veterinarian at NAS Brunswick, Maine when Ichabod was young and I often brought him into the clinic with me.  Ichabod, like most Newfoundland dogs, loved everyone and every pet that entered the clinic and he soon became our unofficial clinic greeter.  He was the clinic dog and he added personality and warmth to our hospital.  He also went out with me as we met with children in the community and shared the science of animals.













Years later, when I decided to create a company dedicated to sharing veterinary medicine with children and teens, I knew I would name it after Ichabod.  Since I had just written my first book, Lilly’s Heart, I knew I needed a publishing name.  So I added the word “Ink” to his name and Ichabod Ink was created.

Today, you’ll find the Ichabod character everywhere on this website.  Like a good clinic dog, Ichabod continues to welcome all who visit and bring warmth and personality to our features.




Dr. Chris