Doing Anything This Weekend?

It’s veterinary open house season again! Check the list below to see if there is an open house near you.

This is the time of year when most veterinary colleges open their doors to future veterinarians and their families. It is the perfect opportunity to explore both a veterinary college and the profession.

These are popular events attracting thousands of visitors because there are so many things to do. Visitors can look for buried bones, participate in teddy bear surgery, visit petting zoos, dress like a surgeon, do a physical exam on a pony, and guess how many fleas are in a jar. And of course there are animals everywhere.

Many colleges display cattle breeds, dog breeds, horse breeds, birds of prey and exotic animals. Some events let you milk a cow or reach inside a cow’s stomach. There are also demonstrations with police dogs, agility dogs, rescue dogs and horse shoeing.

You’ll also be able to explore the veterinary college. Students will give you tours of the teaching areas, clinic areas and let see veterinary equipment close-up. You’ll see everything from mobile veterinary trucks to CAT scans and ultrasounds. It is a great way to learn about veterinarians and animals.

Click below to learn more about the veterinary college event of your choice.

- Auburn University: April 21st

- Colorado State University: March 30th and 31st
- Cornell University: April 14th
- Iowa State University: April 21st
- Kansas State University: April 21st

- Michigan State University “Vet a Visit”: April 14th
- Mississippi State University: April 13th
- Ohio State University: May 19th
- Oregon State University “Pet Day”: April 30th

- North Carolina State University: March 31st
- Purdue University: April 14th

- Texas A&M University: April 14th

- University of Florida: April 14th

- University of Georgia: April 6th

- University of Missouri: April 21st
- University of Tennessee: April 16th

- Virginia-Maryland Regional College: March 31st
- Washington State University: April 2nd





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