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Still trying to decide if you want to buy membership at Ichabod Ink?   Consider this, it is probably one of the best investments you can make in your child’s science education.

While Ichabod Ink is dedicated to helping your child explore their dream, it also delivers another very important message – “To become a veterinarian tomorrow you must start learning science today”. In fact, the one thing that separates the Ichabod Ink web community from so many other children’s websites is the variety of ways your child will be exposed to science. Even if he/she decides not to become a veterinarian, their days as a member of this site will have provided them with a foundation in science that will open many doors in the future.

Make no mistake about it, science education is a proven component of career success. In a study published in 2008 entitled “The effect of college curriculum on earnings: An affinity identifier for non-ignorable non-response bias”, economist Daniel Hamermesh showed that the more science courses a person takes, the higher their earnings. The study states, “Taking more upper-division science and math courses and doing better in them raised eventual earnings”. Ichabod Ink will build a scientific interest in your child today.

Why is Ichabod Ink so critical for your child’s science education? Elementary schools and teachers can no longer do it alone. They need help in providing you child a strong foundation in science. In the recent “Challenges and Opportunities Impacting Teaching and Learning Science” study by the California Council on Science and Technology and the California State University Center for Teacher Quality, it showed that elementary school teachers feel much less confident in teaching science than reading or math. This lack of confidence has been largely responsible for the dramatic drop in science education. In a recent survey, 80% of K-6 teachers reported spending 60 minutes or less per week on science education. In fact, 16% of these teachers indicated that they spend no time at all on science!

Ichabod Ink is the solution.

This web community provides the following key elements that are critically important to your child’s academic success in science:

Fun, Exciting Educational Programs

By leveraging your child’s passion for animals and veterinary medicine, Ichabod Ink introduces them to fundamentals of anatomy and physiology through flash games, articles, and videos.

The games on Ichabod Ink are fun but they also serve to expose your child to fundamental concepts of science. The videos bring science to the real world. Children see veterinarians solve cases and understand how science helped a sick animal become healthy again.

Most importantly, Ichabod Ink topics are both interesting and relevant to your child. Chris Hughes, academic dean at the Virginia all girls’ school in Chatam Hill says “Students are more likely to excel in math and science when schools offer … interesting electives, such as DNA science and veterinary science”. Ichabod Ink understands your child’s passion for animals. Its programs leverage that high level of interest and excitement to introduce them to the fundamentals of science

Providing Important Mentors

A recent nationwide youth survey from the American Society for Quality showed that 42 percent of children believe that their teachers aren’t good at showing them how science can be used in a career. In the annual Lemelson-MIT Invention Index survey, two-thirds of children indicated that they might be discouraged from pursuing a career in science because they did not know anyone who works in these fields.

Ichabod Ink brings science to life. Through its video “behind the scenes” looks at veterinary practices, zoos and aquariums, members of Ichabod Ink see exactly how science helps veterinarians make animals healthy. Children immediately understand how critical science is to a veterinarian’s job. In addition, Ichabod Ink provides your child with mentors by making veterinarians accessible.

Through its video visits to hospitals and up-close interviews with veterinary doctors, children are introduced to veterinarians nationwide on a personal level. The veterinarians on Ichabod Ink share key personal insights with your child. How old were they when they decided to become a veterinarian? What influence them when they were children? These videos create a connection between veterinarians and your child. These videos provide early mentors for your child.

Partnerships with Parents and Teachers to Take Science Outside the Classroom

According to the latest Lemelson-MIT Intervention survey, children listed activities such as field trips to places outside the classroom as the best way to get them interested in science. Overwhelmingly the experts agree with these students. As Debra Felix, the Pre-College Science Education Officer at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute says “It’s important for teachers and parents to engage a child’s natural curiosity by using hands on science experiences…”

Through our Parent Forum and articles written specifically for parents, Ichabod Ink partners with you by showing where to find camps and educational programs that will allow your child to explore science in an exciting, hands-on way. The content is dynamic as members throughout the country share the exciting camps and programs they have found. You will have a community of “future veterinarian” parents to communicate with on a daily basis.

A Doctor, Author and Educator

I am a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with a Bachelors degree in Microbiology. I am also a member of the National Science Teachers Association and the father of a seven year-old daughter. I have a passion for both science and my profession. I am constantly searching for new veterinarians to introduce and new scientific subjects to share with my young audience.

Most importantly, I am accessible to my members. Through my forums, blogs and e-mail, you and your child have access to a veterinary guide. I will be your virtual “veterinarian next door” who is here to help your child follow their dreams. And, of course, learn a little science along the way.

Please invest in your child. Become a member of Ichabod Ink today.


Dr. Chris Carpenter


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