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Thanks for visiting Ichabod Ink!  This website has been a dream of mine for many years.  I wanted to build the first online community for aspiring veterinarians and their families.  I designed Ichabod Ink to be the place where kids and teens can learn what veterinarians do, how to become a vet, and explore the science of animals.  Although we are a young website, we are already a community of hundreds of members …and growing.

Ichabod Ink is also a giving community.  We collect a membership fee in order to support Our Cause.  We are more than a great service for veterinary kids and teens.  We are an organization that also is dedicated to helping veterinary students meet the financial hurdles necessary to complete their education and become doctors.  Your membership fee will be used, in part, to support your future colleagues.  Learn More.

Thanks again for dropping in. I sincerely hope you’ll become a member today.



Dr. Chris



dogMembership Benefits for $12/year

What you and your child get with an Ichabod Ink Membership

Interactive Games

that entertain while teaching the science of veterinary medicine

“Meet the Vet” Articles

that introduce kids to veterinarians across America. Articles on different types of veterinarians and what they do.


Video Q&A with Veterinarians

answering popular questions (e.g. What age were you when you decided you wanted to be a vet?)


“Future Vets Like Me” section

that shares stories of what other kids like you are doing


that take kids into the hospitals to get a behind the scenes look at veterinary practices


Dr. Carpenter’s Blog

on topics of interest for future veterinarians and their parents


The “Science of Veterinary Medicine”

pieces that combine video, flash, illustrations and print to share the science of veterinary medicine with children


Veterinary Basics Articles

Learn more about veterinary medicine.



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Learn From a Veterinarian!

With Ichabod Ink, you are receiving information and services that only a veterinarian can provide.  You’ll explore the science of animals, learn about different types of veterinarians, and get answers to your questions directly from real veterinarians.

Ichabod Ink Establishes a Solid Foundation in Science

Even if your child doesn’t go on to become a veterinarian, the early exposure to science Ichabod Ink provides will build a solid foundation for academic excellence and a lifelong success. Click Here to Learn More!